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Running Away to Brighton

Work means stress, and eventually it became too much for me. On the morning of 7th August 2018 I woke at about 3:00am and was suddenly excited. I felt wide awake and full of beans. I had an idea. I … Continue reading

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Too Much Stress

I applied for something called PIP (Personal Independent Payments) last July. It’s a benefit for people with disabilities and I consider myself to have a disability with my Schizo-affective Disorder. Well, the decision came back in October that I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Blood Blisters

I have been under tremendous strain and stress, so no wonder that I woke up early this morning (about 4:20am) feeling a bit mad. It has been many months since I visited the tree I like to talk with. This … Continue reading

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So much to do

I am going to perform at the Buxton Fringe next week – and there is so much to do in preparation for that, as well as Milton Keynes fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe. It is a lot of stress – … Continue reading

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Worrying signs

I haven’t been blogging lately, due to working hard and being mentally stable, but now, I am showing signs of cracking up. I have had risky thoughts, done some risky things (went jogging on Thursday and did some of it … Continue reading

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