I Feel Fragile


A butterfly’s wing
A chocolate space-hopper
A house of playing cards
on a rickety table
A matchstick model
of the Burj Khalifa,
in a bouncy castle
A Ming vase teetering
on the edge of its pedestal
as a herd of Heathens
tramps towards the Viking Hoard Exhibition


This is how I feel at the moment.

I may appear capable and even look content at times, but the slightest thing throws me. My electricity provider put up the amount they are charging me by five pounds a month and it send me into a day of panic and self-harm and fear so strong I’ve been unable to look at my emails for five days.

This is how I feel.


About augustusnds

I did the normal things people do - worked in an office, bought a house, fell in love, but my love would not marry me, she left me. After this it all spiralled out of control, went mad and ended up in hospital, more than once. So I changed tack, gave up the day job and became an entertaininer: writing, producing and performing my own one-person-shows as well as songs, poems and videos. To see some of what I do look at www.augustusemperors.com And I search for a way to be happy in a world that doesn't understand me, as you can see in some of my blogs.
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